starts March 8

The Conscience

The Conscience has traveled the Universe and served as Conscience for a who's who of notable humans and animals, including The Magician, a duck, and Rommel the Desert Fox. The Conscience is also the inventor of the peasant blouse and enjoys acting in community theater. It lives in a custom Dodge van parked on the lawn of Dreamcatcher Island and its ambition is to own the Secret of the Universe.

Gordon Vandenberg: An alumnus of California Institute of the Arts, Gordon has directed, written, and performed in many productions around Los Angeles Including: "The Chronicles of Steve: The Bossy Bottom" (director) at The New York fringe Festival 2008, "Doomsday Kiss" (director) at The Bootleg Theater, "Little Black Veil" (actor) with Path Productions, "Hamlet: The Artist Formerly know as Prince of Denmark" (actor) with the Troubadour Theatre Company, and "Taming of the Shrew"(actor) at the Lillian Theatre.