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Mechanor is the eight-foot-tall robotic Assistant Manager of the Magicopolis Safety Squad, the city's elite crossing guard corps. He holds a BA in Graphic Design from Magicopolis Univeristy, where he shared a dorm room with the Magician. Since graduation he has slept on the Magician's sofa. He enjoys bubble baths, foreign films and writing short stories about Robot Girl, whom he would like to date. His cousin is Joan Collins, the famous actress and psychiatrist.

Ronald E. Wingate a member of the Ghostroad Theatre Company. In his 11 years with the company, he has helped create and appeared in several plays for Ghost Road, including Excavate the Monster, Four Dervishes, Duck[t] Tape Soup, and Orestes Remembered.

In 2008 and 2009, he portrayed both Orestes and Apollo in Ghost. Road's Home Siege Home trilogy at [Inside the Ford], as well as the various parts of the trilogy at the Getty Villa and on tour.Outside of Ghost Road, He has worked with Eli on many sordid and questionable projects (Simon Lebopowitz, Jack Cracker, Monsieur Gustave, C-Scale Kitchen Band) and is proud to have done so. Ron has taught, written, and directed at Lansing Community College in his hometown of Lansing, MI. He is a graduate of St.John's College in Annapolis, MD where he received a B.A. in Classical Literature and Philosophy and the California Institute of the Arts where he received his MFA in Theatre.