starts March 8

Robot Girl

A cyborg class-six crossing guard unit, Abigail von Robot Girl is a widely-acknowledged beauty and swimsuit model who currently works as an intern for The Magician. She is made of plastic and has inspired the devotion of many prominent Magicopolians, including Mechanor and The Magician himself. She is of mixed Robot and Hovercraft heritage. She enjoys couture and fencing and dislikes crying. Her ambition is to raise leopards.

Jeanette Scherrer has degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, but instead of taking the unsure law school road she decided that getting an MFA in Acting from Calarts would be MUCH more practical, and it turned out to be the best decision she ever made. She's one of the founders of the Lucid by Proxy Theater Group and currently is a producer in TV. She has cats.