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Special Guests

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ShannonEpisode 1

Shannon is a crossing guard and swimsuit model at the Department of Public Safety and Swimwear. Her best friend is Tiffany and they like to spend their time making fun of Robot Girl. Shannon also enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and shopping for hair care products.

Melissa Pleckham is a multi-talented musician and actor. She can be seen playing bass in the Hexham Heads and drums in Black Lullibies. When not playing music Melissa she can be seen acting in such plays as "Urban Death" produced by Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre and "Clerks".

Tiffany works at the Department of Public Safety and Swimwearwith her best friend Shannon. When Tiffany is not working, she enjoys driving her Corvette to the mall so that she can hang out with her friends at Orange Julius. Tiffany frequently gets into trouble with her boss, Mechanor, for wearing her tiara while not on duty.

Heather Heywood is a talented multi-instrumentalist who tours with Summer Darling and T.S. And The Past Haunts where she plays bass. Heather can also be seen fronting her own band Kissing Cousins where she sings and plays guitar.